Saturday, December 27, 2008


My dog Buddy was diagnosed with multilobular osteochondrosarcoma on December 15th. Buddy was a Katrina rescue and a clear case of abuse. His back left leg is withered and nubbed and an X-Ray revealed that he has buckshot in him. Some of you might know him from the youtube video Our Big Dog posted of him!

On December 17th Buddy and I drove (I did most of the driving) 6 1/2 hours to Columbia, MO to the Univ. of Missouri Vet School. After the Bone and CT scans results I was faced with some very hard decisions to make. I finally decided on having the tumor removed along with part of his jaw and his left eye. Buddy had surgery on Dec. 22nd and we were able to come home on Christmas Eve.

Since bringing Buddy home I have barely left his side. Because part of his jaw was removed he has difficulty eating. The doctor put in a feeding tube that I've been giving Buddy water and his meds through. I've been liquifing canned food for him and he has been able to "drink" it normally. Today he actually ate some canned food out of my hand. I beleive he will be able to eat on his own tomorrow. Of course, he may still want me to hand feed him.

I took Buddy to see Dr. Mitchner yesterday and she gave him some better pain medications. He has been awake more today than the past few days. He's wagging his tail more and even gave his little sister a look that could only mean "you just wait a week or two and I'm taking you down". Lily (the little sister) was very gentle with him today. Lily and Buddy were so happy to see each other. I almost cried watching them wag their tails and kiss.

He has been through so much in his life and just keeps on going. When he went outside this afternoon I grabbed my camera so that I could take pictures of him to send to the Doctor's who cared for him in Columbia. Buddy took one look at the camera and ran from me. I had to chase him around the back yard for 5 minutes before he decided to go to the back door and sit down.

Clear your mind of all other thoughts and picture this...a poor one eyed, three legged dog with staples covering the left side of his face running for his life from a wild woman with a camera. I'm so glad that I have a privacy fence.

puppy up!


Anonymous said...

I STILL want to see a video of this!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Buddy has sure gone through alot. What a strong guy he is and I wish him many more happy years of romping with his friend Lily.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, Buddy couldn't have been luckier when you became his mom. You are both in my prayers.