Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can you help this beautiful girl?

Natalie Bartizek is trying to help this adorable dog get a home. Natalie met Luke a few times and was at the Purple People Bridge outing with Luke. In fact, it is her photograph of him that has been used many times with big bridge in background.

She has rescued a sheltie/husky mix named Sox from some awful living conditions. She took her to vet today and she is on meds for ear infections and has a lump on her thigh/hip area. This has been diagnosed as Mast Cell tumor grade 1. She is friendly and sweet. She had bad fleas and has been treated as well for that and is currently staying with Natalie and her two Berners.

The Berner club is trying to find Sox a permanent foster home or permanent home asap. So far we have had no luck getting her into a breed rescue. We will not send her to the pound; it is our desire to help her find a wonderful home.

She has very good chance to be cancer free after tumor removal. She is guessed to be about three years old. She weighs 35 lbs. I have photos attached.

contact info for SOX:

Natalie Bartizek

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Motheraven said...

absolutely stunning!!! She's almost a dead ringer for my Emily, whom I lost 15 years ago. It was cancer that took her from me. We tried everything to save her, but the time finally came that I couldn't make her suffer anymore. She smothered my face with kisses from the moment I gave the vet permission to do what I didn't think I could bare, until she fell asleep in my arms.
This beautiful girl of yours reminds me of my beautiful baby. Please tell me she has a wonderful new home and is living happily ever after...