Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Woof by Andy Donelson

An odd name for a dog some might say but he was proudly named by our daughter when she was 2 yrs old. You see, she referred to dogs as woof-woof and when she was asked what to name him, she proudly said "Woof."

I clearly remember the day we went to see the litter of pups. He knocked us over by jumping onto our laps. When we asked to purchase him, the breeder told us that he was not perfect. He had a spot on his nose that might not fill in with the black coloring. How silly to say this...Woof was every bit of perfect to our family.

He was a lover, a protector, a companion, a playmate and my best friend. He has been gone for a year and a half and I still sleep with his teddy bear and cry thinking about him. My heart still aches and has an empty spot which has not healed. I had never had to experience any type of cancer. When he was diagnosed with bone cancer, I was sure he would beat the odds because our love was so strong. His eyes told a story...and that story was for us to be together forever. I had never hated anything until I had to live with this disease.

Woofie, as he was called, was spoiled. He had a party on his birthday, was visited by Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and was constantly given little love gifts. He slept with us. No, not on the floor...right beside me in the bed all night long. I kissed him goodbye when I left for work and hello when I came in the door. He was and still is my baby boy.

We have so many memories that I don't know where to start...so I will just start with something that he loved. Woof loved the snow. Whether it be running and diving head first into a snow bank or simply eating the snow. We'd stand outside and he'd eat his way around the yard. Looking at me every now and then for approval. And boy when he didn't want to do something forget it. He had such a stubborn streak. I can remember having to push him with all my might to get him to move somewhere. Also when he was mad at you or even jealous for some reason, he'd lift his leg with just a squirt to say who's the boss. And he knew what he was doing. What I would give to see that look today.

He was a smart, loving friend and he can never be replaced.

Woof taught me the value of love. True unconditional love. And he showed me determination. We fought as hard and as long as we could with this disease. And we did it all together. I am to believe his soul is still here with me...at least that is what I tell myself so I have the strength to continue. Like I said in the beginning, Woof was always perfect to our family. And he is so greatly missed. But you know what? I'd do it all again just so I could have him in our life to love. And to be loved by him...

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Jennifer said...

Your story is so touching, and reminds me so much of my story as well. My Marley was laid to rest about a year and a half ago, and I still sleep with his stuffed carrot, and I still have his blanket laid out near the bed. Not that he ever used it, only the middle of the bed for him, thank you very much!He was my best friend, taught me the power of love, and is missed every day with passion. You and Woof are not alone, and I think Woof and Marley sound like they would be perfect friends somewhere waiting for us.