Sunday, August 2, 2009

Woof -- a Poem by Dawn Donelson

Everyone says I will know
When it’s time to let you go,
But how can I just say goodbye
And live on without you by my side?

For 10 great years you were my friend
So how come now it has to end?
You brought so much joy into our life
And I know you thought I was your wife.

The times you gave a back off bark…
Remember all those times at the park?
My protector, my baby, my best friend
Endless love that knows no end.

So many memories fill my head
I smile inside but tears I shed.
All those memories will be kept in my heart
And never be forgotten.

You will always share a part of me
And I will think of you quite often.
When we see flurries falling from the sky
I will get tears in my eyes.

Remembering how you loved it so
And how much you enjoyed just eating the snow.
The kids grew up with you right there
I hope you know how much they cared.

If I’d had known we’d part like this
There’s so much I would’ve changed.
But sometimes life is thrown at you
And you are left with pain.

I hated having to give you a scold
When you didn’t do as you were told.
Your stubborn way was so true
And I will miss that part of you.

The looks you gave, your gentle smile
That warmed me inside out
All those looks of trouble and even the looks of pout.

The playful way you bowed your head
While waiting for a treat
And all those nights of hogging the bed
Or just laying at my feet.

Your snuggle time was dear to you and something I will miss.
It’s something I would ask for if I could have a wish.
I never could stay mad at you my big ball of fluff.
And boy when you wanted, you could sure be tough.

But you always knew when I needed a lift
And lifted your paw when you want to be pet.
Now your foot is too sore to lift up
So you rely on your mommy to take care of her pup.

Our house will be no longer a home
Without you there with us to roam.
I will miss your bark, your smell, your eyes
I will feel lost without you by my side.

Your bed, your bowl, your teddy bear
Will be all that is here with me.
You kept us safe,
Because you cared.

You guarded our home when we weren’t there.
Time passed quickly and your love had no limit
I always knew you cared…
So once again I ask myself,
How can I live with you not there?

There will be nothing to come home to
No smile or wagging tail.
No one to remind me that someone always cares.
Everything will be so empty
Without you being here.

And those who once felt protected.
Will now have to deal with fear.

I do not know how to find the strength
Or even where to start.
To pick a day to say goodbye
And the day to break my heart.

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