Thursday, January 1, 2009


Brock was at our local high-kill shelter and he was even more at risk, not only being a Rottweiler, but he'd been adopted then rejected because he had heartworms. I initially went to get a female Rottweiler puppy that I knew could be adoptable, but she was fortunate to find someone before I got to her. I hadn't paid attention to the crazy dog trying to grab the water gushing under his feet from the area being sprayed; I was talking to another rescue volunteer with my fingers loosely through the wire door of his run. Suddenly, I felt my fingers being slurped, not licked, just thoroughly washed! I looked around and there was this gorgeous, big handsome boy. After noticing the rejection on his card, and that he was only two years old, I adopted him. He became Brock when he walked into my house and looked around, then headed straight for me. I called him Brock and he gave me a big lean and a head butt. Heartworm treatment went well and we discovered he has genetically bad knees, he's bow legged. I didn't care; he had the most intelligent face and looked so happy.......he was home.

I've been fortunate with Brock. Most of the Rottweilers I've rescued usually have bad hips: dysplasia, or bone problems: spondylosis, but I've never had to deal with cancer. I noticed, after about six months with us, that Brock had a growth on his face and one on his right front leg. I had them removed, sent to a lab and tested. The one on his face turned out to be a melanoma, but the one on his leg was a cancerous sarcoma. Both were successfully excised and we could only make sure they didn't return.

Brock is still cancer free after six years; I continue to check for any foreign growths or lumps, but nothing has come up and we remain vigilant. Brock has become my confidant, faithful companion and is very attentive. He was diagnosed with spondylosis just a few months ago; hopefully, he'll be with us for a few more years before it gets any worse. He's my big teddy bear and my heart. I'm glad he found me that day!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog!! I can see why you took him home...that face just melts your heart!

Anonymous said...

Long and healthy life to Brock. He's a handsome boy. I love his 'pumpkin' eyebrows.

Uncle Big Dog said...

Malcolm's first mate was a German Rotty named Doak. Brock's just as gorgeous and we're so happy to hear he's cancer free! puppy up, Brock!

Hudson, Murphy, & Luke