Thursday, January 8, 2009


My girl "Holly" passed away last November 15th, 2007. Holly died after a brief battle with an agressive form of cannine cancer. She was only 7 years old.

Holly came to me as a stray when she was 6 to 8 weeks old. She litterally followed me home on Jan 8th, 2000. It was a Saturday and I headed to work around 8am, she was about 1/2 mile down the road, all alone and chasing every car that passed. I drove on by as it's not unusual to see dogs alone out in the county, but she was still there that afternoon when I returned from work and she chased me all the way back to the house. When I opened the door, she raced past me into the house and ran from room to room, then back out the door.

My other dogs immediately fell in love with her and welcomed her into the family. She found herself her own forever home. She chose us when she was just a little 6 to 8 week old fur ball.

Holly was a great lover of life in the country and loved to run the pasture and swim in the pond. She was smart as could be, and even took care of house breaking herself.

Holly first showed signs of ill health about 6 months before she died, but I did not recognize them. When the first major sign revealed itself it was too late. The vet took off a leg and Holly never missed a step, even escaping house confinement to run the pasture and take a dip in the pond 3 days after the surgery. I just couldn't keep my good dog down and she never complained.

The amputation only bought us an extra 2 months, the cancer spread too fast for treatment and on November 14th I came home from work to find her crying with pain. the next morning the Vet gave her the only relief available.

I will always remember Holly with her free spirit and fun loving ways. she will be forever missed.


Anonymous said...

Holly knew a good home when she saw one. She had 7 wonderful years of ponds and fields and friends. How lucky you were to find one another! I'm so sorry you lost her so soon, but happy you had her for the time you did!

Anonymous said...

Could you please include a photo of Holly? It's always nice to see the face that goes with the story.

Uncle Big Dog said...
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Uncle Big Dog said...

Lovely post Eva! We cherished our time in Marquez with you and yours. Hudson, Murphy, & Yer Uncle Big Dog

eva said...

I'm sorry about not including a photo with the post. I simply forgot and now I don't know how to add a picture after posting.
She was such a joy to have in my life but I do not have many photos. I think when she came into my life I already had 6 or 7 dogs and you know how it goes. When there are many the camera doesn't come out as often.