Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TT Rudowsky

TT entered our life March 11, 1995 and she bid us farewell on December 12, 2003. She had been afflicted with a form of epilepsy and thyroid issues prior to the age of 2 but hemangiosarcoma is what ultimately took her from us on December 12, 2003. Our time with her was much too short but filled with so much love and many, many wonderful memories leaving us feeling, to this day, that she is still with us.

She came into our lives amidst an immense amount of stress and chaos due to aging parent issues and she lightened so many of those days with laughter and joy. We already had an 11 year old golden retriever, Tawny, when we brought TT home and initially I felt like we gave Tawny a death sentence. How would she ever endure the stress of a puppy especially one who seemed to have boundless energy and wanted to be the ‘top banana’! I needn’t have worried…Tawny took a bit of grief from TT initially but when enough was enough she let her know it and their relationship grew into a very close and solid bond. Tawny and Greg, my husband, were TT’s best friends. I strongly believe when we lost Tawny 3 years later, TT missing one of her best Buds went into a deep depression. Ebony, our kitty, who had been a constant companion of Tawny’s since arriving the year prior when my father-in-law passed away instantly bonded with TT through that difficult time for all of us.

We’re hikers and my husband is an avid backpacker as well so TT grew up enjoying nature. We’re originally from New York and while still living there she frequently hiked the Catskills, the Adirondacks and many of the areas of New England. I think some of her best times were when she was backpacking and camping with Dad!

Another great enjoyment of ours was kayaking. We had a double kayak…I would sit in the front and she would be in the middle with Greg in the rear. I often said she enjoyed it so much more when I didn’t go (smile!) then she had the front-seat, and dad, all to herself!

In April, 2003 we embarked on a life changing experience retiring, selling our home in NY and traveling the States and Canada in a motorhome. We were fortunate enough to have TT still with us on the beginning of that journey. She was right there with us hiking the Tetons, parts of Washington, Oregon and Colorado State, enjoying the warmth of the Southeast, Mt. Rushmore and so much more!

Although we checked her regularly, a requirement from our Vet in NY for continuing with medications for the first year on the road, the early signs of the cancer were not picked up by the Vets until it was way too late to do anything medically to help her. She was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma in November, 2003. We could have tried chemo but with sound advice from the Vet who diagnosed her we chose not to put her through that. Losing TT was one of the most difficult times of our lives. We miss her dearly but will be forever grateful for being able to share not only the 9 years of her life but especially for those 9 months of fulltime living with her while on the road. It enabled us to be with her 24x7 just enjoying life which is what she did best! Love you and think of you everyday TT…Love, Mom

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Anonymous said...

What a beauty TT was. I love the picture you chose -- she looks so regal! What a wonderful life of hiking and kayaking and camping -- truly a dog's paradise. She must have enjoyed it so much. You shared a wonderful life!